Consumer Friend appointed to Administer EDCON (RCS Book) Debt Review Portfolio

Consumer Friend, the largest subsidiary of the Upstream Group, provides comprehensive outsourced services for accounts receivables that have become part of the Debt Review process.

Consumer Friend has recently been appointed to take over the Debt Review administration process for a significant portion of the RCS-Edcon portfolio.

ABSA recently sold its Edcon store card portfolio to the RCS Group. This includes the Edgars' and Jet Stores consumer credit portfolio. RCS has been a client of Consumer Friend since 2008 and as such this newly acquired RCS portfolio becomes an extension of the existing and long-standing RCS and Consumer Friend business relationship. "We are fully satisfied with the working relationship that we have with Consumer Friend," said Unati Manyela, Recoveries Manager at RCS.

Through a combination of skilled people, efficient processes and leading-edge technology, Consumer Friend performs at the forefront of the Debt Review industry consistently providing superior, relevant and professional solutions.