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Justin van der Linde will be representing the National Clothing Retail Federation (NCRF) in an annual review sub-committee, which aims to provide procedural and legal solutions for the annual review of debt arrangements and court orders by the debt counsellor. We believe that the annual review process would assist with achieving the purpose of the National Credit Act, more specifically the speedy rehabilitation of the consumer to ensure future access to the credit market.

We will aim to ensure that the annual review achieves the following purposes:

  • Mitigate the discrepancy in outstanding balances of credit agreements between the credit provider and debt counsellor / payment distribution agent (hereinafter referred to as “PDA”).
  • Ensure that the consumer’s budget (living expenses) remain realistic.
  • Ensure that increases or decreases in income are catered for.
  • Ensure that the increase or decrease in insurance premiums is catered for.
  • Ensure that additional sources of income (bonus or SARS refund) are taken into consideration and distributed accordingly.
  • Assist with early rehabilitation and the issue of clearance certificates.
  • Ensure that the consumer has not applied for additional credit or has made use of his / her credit facilities.
  • Assist with continual lifestyle changes for the consumer (for example the sale of luxury items).
  • We will provide an update on this post the meeting date set down for mid-March 2019.

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